Joann Cotton Flannel

100 % imported from US. High Quality. Limited . Please confirm / make payment within 2 days after received total price from me. If not, your order will be canceled and open to the waiting list

Suitable for any craft such as bag, pillow case, blanket. Not suitable for children nightwear.

Flannel Pack A
4 FQ (4 design).Total 1 yard
(Little star, Ballerina, Pink ribbon,Love fun)
RM 38
Available : 1

Flannel Pack B
4 FQ (4 design).Total 1 yard
(Blue box, Stroller, Blue Daisy, Small Flower )
RM 38
Available : sold out

Flannel Pack C
4 FQ (4 design).Total 1 yard
(Robot, Big Flower, Polkadot, Green froggy)
RM 38
Available : sold out

Flannel Pack D
4 FQ (4 design).Total 1 yard
(Colorful polkadot, Cat, Flower, Owl)
RM 38
Available : sold out

Flannel Pack E
5 FQ (5 design).Total 1.25 yard
(Polkadot & Ribbon, Pinkish flower, Dragonfly, Small heart, Ladybug)
RM 47
Available : 2

First Come ... First serve..... :)


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Anonymous said...

salam...camne nak order?

Nut Yaa said...

flannel pack D still available ke? huhu.

Anic said...

Hi Niza,
Would like to order Pack D.

Thank you.

nizacraft said...

Kim ziela : Boleh order di Tapi kene cepat kalau betul betul nak sbb dah tinggal sikit ya... :)

Nut yaa... : refer email ya dear. tq for the payment

Anic : hi anic, can u give me your email add. TQ

Rubi Hambali said...

cantik sgt..huhu stkt ni tak da duit lagi nk beli..serius,,sblm ni penah beli dari UK flannel dia mmg cantik..heee

nizacraft said...

Tu ler pasal... I memang suka sgt dgn joann. Sib baik dok msia. Kalau i dok US, habis duit gaji kat Joann dgn fabric dot com. hahaha

Mila@Rimbun said...

Niza, flower pack D tuh dah sold out ka? Kalau ada nak 1, kalau takde, nak yg C... email me yer....

HealthChecker said...

ala baru nampak post ni. nak yang kucing tu. order la lagi niza! ;c

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